Flight Simulator X 2016 Air HD v1.3.1

Flight Simulator 2016 HD v1.1.0

Flight Simulator 2016 FlyWings is the ultimate simulation for your mobile! With a large selection of aircrafts - 50 - and more than 10000 airports around the world, be prepared to be amazed with the beautiful landscapes of the simulation.
The physics algorithm in the simulator (provided by NASA FoilSim 3, NACA/BAC specifications) and environment were developed with a very accurate mathematics to make our simulation more realistic than any other flight simulator ever created!

There are two flight modes:
- Commercial pilot career mode
- Free flight mode (NEW!)

All of FS2016 cockpits are in 3D and fully functional, with real instruments and real time informations about your flight.

- 318 Asia Arways Arbus
- Arbus 319 Della Airlines
- US Airways Arbus 320
- 321 Emarites Arbus
- Arbus Lifthanza 380,700
- 380,800 How much Arbus
- Arbus 380 neo Emarites
- Bart G58
- Boing 747 200 Britain Airways
- Boing 747 400 Of Airlines
- Boeing 747 8th Lifthanza
- Boing 747 UBS
- Boing 747 Sac
- Boing 747 vc25 United States of America
- Boing 757 200f DLH
- Boing 757 200 Unified
- Boing 757 300 American Airlines
- Boeing 777 200f FebEx
- Air France Boeing 777 200LR
- Boing 777 200 Britain Airways
- Boing 777 300 America
- Boing 777 9x KML Airlines
- Boeing 747 Sofia
- Cezna 172
- 182 Cezna
- Corair FU41 WW2
- Corair FU41 (after WW2)
- MK9 Reaper Drone
- Drone MK9 Guardian
- MK9 Predator Drone
- Embrar 170 Virgo
- Embrar Azil 175
- 190 Embrar Brazil Aero Force
- Embrar 195 TAW Airlines
- Fighter 14
- 15 Fighter
- Fighter 22
- Foker Dreidcke 1
- Leerjet 60XL Bombard
- Leerjet 70 Ambulance 911
- Leerjet 75 Black VIP
- Richtofe Red Baron War 1
- Space Shutler Atantis
- Space Shutler Challeng
- Space Shutler Columb
- Shutler Discover Space
- Space Shutler Endvour
- Super Spitfire World War 2
- Zero A6 Mitshu

We covered thousand of miles in 10 cities:
- New York
- San Francisco
- Chicago
- Hawaii (enjoy the view of the volcanos!)
- Las Vegas
- Los Angeles
- Seattle
- Washington D.C.
- Saint Martin
- Sidney

Aircraft features:
- Configure fuel payload
- Flaps, trims, spoilers, gear, turn engines on/off
- 9 different cameras
- Turn lights on/off of the entire plane.
- Automatic light system in day/night changes
- Real Air Traffic Control (ATC)
- Exclusive missions depending on your aircraft!
- Exclusive animations for aircrafts

Environment features:
- Weather conditions
- Turbulence
- G-Force and blood pressure simulation
- Air pressure depending on the altitudes
- Dawn, day, dusk and night, changing in real time.

You can fly many different groups of propulsors, as pistons, external combustion engines, turboprops, turbojet and turbofan engines and pulsejets for the modern fighters!

Feel free to contact us to give your feedback! Us at FlyWings Studios are very proud of our product and hope you enjoy it at most!

- Saint Martin city, with TNCM airport (the one with the runway close to the beach! )
- Active volcanos in Hawaii islands

What's New
NEW! One FREE Plane per week!
NEW! Time and Weather Setup!
NEW! Flight Features!
NEW! Atmosphere Effects!
- Turbulence
- Wind Speed and Direction and more...
- HUGE Performance Improved
- Bug Fixes


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